Corporate Team Building and Reward

Corporate team Building Event - 2012!
Corporate Team Building Event - 2012! 

SuperSafety is a method I developed with the objective to avoid all accidents. There are reasons that needless accidents and deaths happen every day in motor vehicles. There are also reasons that allow some truck drivers to drive hundreds of thousands of miles, in all types of weather, and never have an accident. Perspectives that allow motorcycle racers to win championships and never fall down. SuperSafety has 7 elements that when implemented dramatically reduce risk. It is my quest to help change the direction of driving in a positive way.

Corporate Team Building
What does the operation of a business (or any other organization) have in common with performance driving? The answer: People, communication, social interaction, cooperation, respect, logistics, risk management and most importantly, the honorable and effective exploitation of the competitive spirit. When was the last time the average business person found themselves approaching a high-speed turn with another driver who's trying to accomplish the same thing? Sound similar, metaphorically speaking, to the circumstances in which sales people and management teams find themselves on a regular basis? What's the ultimate goal? The answer, to have all the drivers successfully make it through the turn, which equates to closing a sale or increasing organizational efficiency and bringing more to the bottom line!

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Seminars last from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and can be customized to address specific needs within your organization. Special rates are available for Corporate Team Building, Group Courses and any course with three students or more. Call or email for more details and rates. Learn more about instructor Michael Pettiford and see the Go 4 It Vehicle Fleet

What are corporate SuperSafety students saying about GO4IT?
"...makes safety fun!" and "...challenging, informative and entertaining..."