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Michael Pettiford

Michael Pettiford, President of GO 4 IT Services Inc., holds SCCA and AMA Pro Road Racing Competition licenses. Michael has won 35 RMD National Championships, more than anyone else in SCCA history... achieving something that has never been done before, winning three championships in the same year (the hat trick), and has now done it for the last 4 years in a row, making it the 5th time! He is a regular competitor on the road racing circuit. His expertise in high performance driving instruction and safety education guarantee a positive and safe learning environment for his students.



2013 SCCA CLUB; 
National Champion, T1, T2, and STU Classes, Rocky                          
Mountain Division (RMD).  1st Driver to accomplish this in SCCA history, and this is the 5th time accomplishing the “Hat Trick”.  That makes 35 Championships and is the most number of Championships in SCCA history.  Lap record at Inde Motorsprots Ranch in STU Class, lapped all other competitors, 2 1st places.  Majors BFG Super Tour N/N at COTA in T1 Class, 2 1st place finishes, and a Lap Record in a Corvette GS.
2012 SCCA CLUB; National Champion, T1, STU, & SSB Classes, Rocky Mountain Division (RMD).  
2011 SCCA CLUB; National Champion, T1, T2, & STU Classes (RMD). Finished 4th in T1, and 6th in STU Classes at the SCCA Runoffs
2010 SCCA PRO;  7th in Points, World Challenge GTS and TC, Best Finish: 3rd  LBGP in a Corvette, and 3rd at VIR in a Jetta.             
                   CLUB;  National Champion, T1, T2, & STU Classes, (RMD).  1st Driver to accomplish this in SCCA history.  Finished 5th in STU Class at the SCCA Runoffs.  
                    MRA; Best Finish 5th, 06 Ducati 999R.
2009 SCCA CLUB; National Champion, T1 and T2 Classes, (RMD).  Lap Records @ PIR, PPIR, MMP, & HPR.
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb; 4th 1205 Pro MC Class, Buell XB12X.
                      MRA; Best Finish 6th, 06 Ducati 999R.
2008 SCCA CLUB; National Champion T1, T2, & SSB Classes, (RMD).  1st Driver to accomplish this in SCCA history.  Finished 2nd in T2 at the SCCA Runoffs.  Lap Records @ MMP, PMI, La Junta, & PIR.
                      MRA; Best Finish 2nd, 06 Ducati 999R.
2007 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T1, T2, & 2nd SSB, Classes, (RMD).
                       MRA; Best Finish 2nd, 05 Ducati 999R.
2006 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T1, 2nd SSB, and 3rd T2  Classes,(RMD).
                       MRA;  2nd Supertwins GTO, 05 Ducati 999R, best finish 2nd.
2005 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T1, SSB Classes, and 2nd T2 (RMD) only 1 racing 3 classes at Runoffs.
                     MRA;  6th Supertwins GTO, 05 Ducati 999R, best finish 4th.
2004 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T2, 2nd SSB, and 3rd T1, (RMD),  only 1 in nation to race 3 classes at Runoffs.
                     MRA;   4th Supertwins GTO, 03 Ducati 999S, best finish 2nd.    
2003 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T2, and 2nd SSB Classes, National Driver of the Year, (RMD), and 5th @ the Mid-Ohio Runoffs in SSB.
                     MRA;  8th Supertwins GTO, 03 Ducati 999, best finish 5th.  1st person to race a Ducati 999 in Colorado.
2002 SCCA CLUB;  National Champion T2, and SSB Classes, (RMD)
2001 SCCA CLUB;  2nd National Points SSB Class, (RMD)
2000 SCCA CLUB; National Champion SSC, and 2nd T2 Classes, (RMD), and 4th @ the Mid-Ohio Runoffs in SSC.
1999 SCCA CLUB; National Champion T2, and 2nd SSB Classes (RMD).
1998 SCCA CLUB; National Champion T2 and SSB Classes, RMD, and 5th @ the National Championship Mid-Ohio Runoffs in T2.
1997 SCCA PRO; World Challenge T1, 5th  @ Pikes Peak Interntl. Raceway.
                  CLUB; National Champion T1 Class, RMD, and 4th @ the National Championship Runoffs.
1996 SCCA CLUB; National Champion T1 Class, RMD.
1995 SCCA CLUB; National Champion SSGT Class. RMD, and 5th  @ the Mid-Ohio Runoffs.
1994 SCCA CLUB; 2nd National Points SSGT Class, RMD.
1993 SCCA CLUB; National Champion SSGT Class & Regional Champion AS Class, RMD.
1992 SCCA PRO; 5th Overall Points, World Challenge B, Best Finishes: 2nd Firebird, 3rd Sears Point, 4th Lime Rock.
                  CLUB; National & Regional Champion, SSGT Class, RMD.
1991 SCCA PRO; 4th Overall Points, Truck Guard/Shellzone Challenge, Rookie of the Year, Best Finishes: 2nd &3rd Sears Point, 2nd Dallas Grand Prix.
                   CLUB; 2nd National & Regional Champion, SSGT Class, RMD.
1990 SCCA CLUB; Regional Champion, ITA Class, RMD.
1989 SCCA CLUB; 2nd, ITB Class Best Finish.
                    RMVR; 1st, FF Class Best Finish.
                     WERA; 2nd, Mediumweight Production Class, The 24Hrs. of Nelson Ledges Endurance (Motorcycle Roadracing).
1988 CATRA; Colorado State Champion, 4Stroke 4Wheel Bare Tire Class (ATV Ice Racing).
1986  MRA; 8th Overall Points (MC Roadracing)
        CMDA; Outstanding Colorado Motorcyclist (Safely Award)
1985 MRA; 2nd, Overall, Aspen 6Hr. Endurance (MC Roadracing).
1984 MRA; 2nd, Open Production Class Points (MC Roadracing)
1983 MRA; 2nd Open Production Class Points & 10th Overall Points (MC).
1981 MRA; 7th, Overall Points (MC Roadracing).  2nd, Summer Motorcycle Challenge (Drag Racing).
1979 CDBA; Superbike Class Champion (Drag Racing).
1974 SCCA SOLO; 1st, Autocross, Class H, (First Motorsports Event). 


Starting in 1974, Michael has had a steady stream of prominent racing finishes in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles. From his 1st autocross win in 1974, to Colorado Drag Bike Champion in 1979, to 2nd in Supertwins GTO Class with a Ducati 999R in 2006, and the Open Production Class in 1983 & 1984, and 3 time MRA top ten in 1981, 1983, and 1986, to 2nd in Class at the 24 hrs of Nelson Ledges in1989, and 2nd overall in the Aspen 6 hr in1985, to in 2009 finishing 4th in the 1205 Pro Class in thePikes Peak International Hill Climb on a Buell motorcycle.  Mike has a very broad background in racing.


Michael has been the President of GO 4 IT Services, Inc., since 1985. GO 4 IT Services, Inc., is a high performance safety and racing school specializing in basic through competition techniques for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs, corporate events, and SuperSafety Seminars. 

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