SuperSafety Street Courses

GO 4 IT has decades of hands-on experience developing and providing SuperSafety courses designed to make both new and experienced drivers SAFER.

Driving instruction ranges from basic beginner technique through advanced street courses and commercial driver training. GO 4 IT can provide the mandatory 6 hours of training necessary for State of Colorado Driver's Licenses. All instruction is one on one and 100% custom tailored for each student. Instruction will focus on developing a mastery of and comfort with basic techniques, developing awareness, good judgement, and accident avoidance techniques.

Download a Louisville Times article about SuperSafety training

Michael Pettiford is President of GO 4 IT Services, Inc., and has been in the safety instruction business for over 30 years . As an instructor, he is State certified and has trained with MSF, ASI, AAA, MRA, SCCA, among others. As a racer, Michael has numerous championships and awards to his credit and is a regular competitor on the road racing circuit. His expertise in high-performance car and motorcycle racing along with his experience in safety education guarantee an exciting, yet safe training environment for his students. To learn more, download and read Michael's Complete Bio.

Hourly instruction rate for car or motorcycle is $85. State Test fee is $65. Basic street instruction fee includes the use of GO 4 IT street vehicle; alternatively, students are welcome to use their own vehicle. Student's are responsible for damage to vehicles. Please call or e-mail us for detailed rate and vehicle information.